Council set to approve plans to open view into Broadgate from Precinct

Published Monday, 23 November 2020

Coventry City Council looks set to approve plans to open the view into Broadgate from Upper Precinct.

Coventry City Council looks set to approve plans to open the view into Broadgate from Upper Precinct.

If approved, the plans will see the current building occupied by Ernest Jones demolished, re-instating a much-loved view which many remember from the 1970s before Ernest Jones was built.

Councillor Jim O’Boyle, Cabinet Member for Jobs and Regeneration, said: “It’s been our plan for a while now to restore Upper Precinct to the way people so fondly remember, including the view from the Precinct towards the Cathedral.

“I keep saying that we want to combine the best of the old and the best of the new. If approved, we’ll be taking the best bits of Gibson’s original design and combining it with all the ongoing work in Upper Precinct at the moment, including the repaving work, water features and greening.

“We’re starting to see real changes to the city centre now and a big part of that has been the removal of buildings like Coventry Point and the former Nationwide building that always felt out of place and which blocked really rather special views.

“City centres are changing and by creating a brighter, more inviting, greener area with space for new activities I hope we are giving our city centre the best chance of thriving.”

If approved, the demolition is set to be complete by spring 2021.  

This comes as part of ongoing city centre work which has seen Upper Precinct and other areas of the city centre transformed. Recent years have seen the demolition of the former Nationwide building, opening up the view from Hertford Street into Broadgate, with the demolition of the green escalator also taking place in Upper Precinct.

Hertford Street and Bull Yard have seen a new gold-coloured, resin-bonded gravel surface laid, with new seating, new lighting and a new water feature installed too.

Upper Precinct, Smithford Way and Market Way are currently undergoing improvement works, which include the demolition of Coventry Point, repaving, planting and seating. 

Cabinet Members will meet on 1 December.

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