Coventry Severe Weather Emergency Protocol activated

Published Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Agencies across the city are activating Coventry’s Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP) from today as the temperatures are set to get colder over the next few nights.

The plan will mean that the Council and partner organisations will ensure that the city’s most vulnerable households are able to access appropriate accommodation and support.

Every opportunity will be made to provide refuge – especially to street homeless who would otherwise be exposed to the expected cold temperatures.

The protocol is based on the principle that at no time does anyone have to sleep rough on the streets.

The plan also focuses on anyone that is potentially going to be rough sleeping or are vulnerable in anyway.

The details of what is in place and support available to people can be found at 

Harna‚Äčll Lifehouse, Harnall Lane West, (The Salvation Army) will be open.

Details are also available on the Salvation Army Facebook pages.
As always water, food, and shelter will be provided for these days while the cold weather persists.

SWEP is usually implemented when one or more of the following triggers are met:

  • Temps are clearly and reliably forecast to be below 0 degrees Celsius for three consecutive nights.
  • A single night event recording temperatures of below -3 degrees Celsius is clearly and reliable forecast.
  • The issuing of an Amber or Red Weather warning by the Met Office. 

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