Joint statement in response to the violence in America and the support shown for Donald Trump’s actions by a city councillor

Published Thursday, 07 January 2021

The Leader of Coventry City Council and the Leader of the opposition Conservative Party have issued a joint statement condemning the violence in America and the support shown for Donald Trump’s action

Leader Cllr George Duggins, and Cllr Gary Ridley, spoke out after Independent Bablake Ward councillor Glenn Williams tweeted in support of the outgoing President, describing him as ‘statesmanlike’ when his actions led to criminal activity and a riot.

It came on a night of violence in America that saw one woman shot dead and three others died as armed supporters of Donald Trump stormed the Capitol building in the ongoing dispute over election results.

Cllr Duggins and Cllr Ridley said: “As a Council, and as individuals, we want to distance ourselves from any remarks made by Cllr Williams.

“Last night’s violent protests were an unrelenting attack on democracy and tragically led to four people losing their lives. There can be no excuse for the actions of those involved, or of the outgoing President. Last night the US withstood an effort to stop the American democratic process by mob rule.

“The right of people to vote and choose their representatives is one we value very dearly here and in America. It is a privilege and one that should be treasured and protected, not tarnished in this way.

”We were sad to see Cllr Williams’ comments on social media and would like to point out that these are his own  personal views and do not reflect those of the City Council, the Labour Party or the Conservative Party.

“We believe strongly in the democratic process and we look forward to seeing the will of the American people carried out and the rights of voters upheld.”

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