Young Carers Action Day

Published Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Today (16 March) marks Young Carers Action Day, and there’s lots you can do and share to get involved in supporting the estimated 700,000 young people with caring responsibilities in the UK.

Young Carers Action Day highlights the incredible skills that Young Carers have developed through being a carer and how these skills will help them in their future.

In Coventry alone there is an estimated 6,000 young carers and young people up to age of 25 caring for a parent, grandparent, sibling or a close friend. With the impact of Coronavirus, it’s even more important to acknowledge and support our young carers in the city.

Many young carers sacrifice a lot to provide care; they may miss out on friendships, days out and even school.  Young carers often experience a greater impact on their mental health and many report to have felt bullied because of their caring commitments.

Lots of young carers say they wouldn't change their lives and care out of love for their family member, but often feel that there needs to be more understanding of the pressures of caring and more opportunities to have a 'normal' childhood.

Cllr Mal Mutton, Cabinet Member for Adult Services, said: “We can all play a vital role in the support we provide to young carers and recognising those who may be caring at a young age. Having some awareness of what support is out there and having those first conversations can help young carers feel recognised and supported by those around them.”

Cllr Pat Seaman, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, said: “I would like to thank all of Coventry’s young carers for the incredible support they provide for their loved ones. I would urge people to take the opportunity today to appreciate our young carers and learn more about what they do and how you can help.”

 â€‹Find out more about the work being done with young carers in Coventry on our website. 

If you want to learn more about young carers we have some free online training that can be used, called Young Carer Aware.  The training is free for anyone to use in Coventry so if you're working with a partner organisation who'd like to find out more about young carers then it's a good starting point.

The Carers Trust are one of the leading charities that provide support, training and awareness raising for young carers. Find out more on their website. 

Follow #YoungCarersAwarenessDay on social media to find more information, including case studies and support. You can also find out about what Coventry’s Young Carer service are doing on their Facebook page.

Share your own messages of support and some of the key facts about young carers to help raise awareness of the often-unseen work that they do.

The Young Carers Service in Coventry said:

“This year’s Young Carers Action Day 2021 is all about protecting young carers futures; at the Coventry Young Carers Service we have been and will be encouraging these conversations amongst professionals, adults, children and registered young carers to think about this important topic. Each young person has the right to make choices that positively impact their futures but having a loved one with additional care needs will always come first. So, for many young carers the simple option of completing their education, going to university or moving away from home one day - that many would take for granted, isn’t always easy or in some cases not an option at all.”

“We would like to ask that we all begin to think of ways we can support young carers to think about their futures, to use the incredible skills they have acquired through their caring role to build and protect their own futures - being a young carer should not be a barrier to leading a fulfilling life.”

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