Call for inquiry into handling of COVID-19 pandemic to be held immediately

Published Friday, 28 May 2021

Leaders at Coventry City Council have called for an independent inquiry into the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic to be held as soon as possible.

Councillor George Duggins, Leader of Coventry City Council, and Deputy Leader Cllr Abdul Salam Khan made the demand in a joint statement released today. (Fri 28 May)

A promise has been made for a public inquiry to be held during “spring” next year, but they feel that is not quick enough.

That belief has been strengthened by evidence given by the Prime Minister’s former chief advisor Dominic Cummings to a Parliamentary Select Committee earlier this week – much of which has been denied by the Government.

But rather than a “political pantomime that disrespects the victims of the pandemic”, councillors Duggins and Khan are calling for a full public inquiry as soon as possible.

The joint statement reads: “The accusations made this week by the person who was once the Prime Minister’s most trusted advisor will have been absolutely terrible for the families and friends who have lost loved ones during this pandemic.

“To hear the claim that there have been tens of thousands of avoidable deaths is heart-breaking, and people need – and deserve - to know the truth as soon as possible.

“What is unfolding is a political pantomime that disrespects the victims of the pandemic and continues to show a level of disrespect to our lost loved ones. What we need as soon as possible is an independent, properly structured public inquiry.

“Without it, that void is being filled with speculation, people are already writing books on it and there is claim and counter claim.

“For the sake of the people who have lost their lives during this terrible pandemic and the bereaved they’ve left behind, an inquiry needs to be done as soon as possible, not next year.

“It is imperative that lessons are learned at the earliest possible stage and that if we were to ever face this situation again, we are properly prepared in a way that minimises the number of infections, hospitalisations and deaths.”

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