Car park payment machines installation to start at War Memorial Park

Published Friday, 04 June 2021

New car park payment machines will be installed in the Kenilworth Road site in the War Memorial Park from next week.

The machines will ensure that motorists are eligible to three hours free parking and will be operating from Monday 5 July.

The works may cause some minor disruption when park visitors enter and exit the park by car via Kenilworth Road.

Cllr Abdul Salam Khan, Deputy Leader of Coventry City Council, said: “The new parking policy will enable people to visit the park for long periods without being charged and allows all park visitors to enjoy all of its wonderful facilities.

“If people, arriving by car want to stay at the park for more than three hours, they will be charged. We believe this is fair and any income generated will go towards the implementation and administration of the car park charging scheme.

“Other funds will go back into ongoing improvements to the park and will enable it to become increasingly self-sufficient and have greater access to national funding bids.

“We’ll continue to review the way the scheme operates and will monitor any changes to parking in neighbouring streets.”

The payment machines will operate on a cashless system to reduce the risk of potential vandalism and this will also cut the operational costs. 

Local Councils are expected by national government to find ways to generate fair and effective income.

The original proposal was for payments for all motorists visiting the park for whatever length of time, but councillors called for a three-hour free parking period to be introduced.

This amended policy particularly recognised the fact that people (travelling by vehicle) using the park, for football, tennis, and many other sports and activities, would be able to enjoy the fabulous facilities and cafes and complete their activities, without being charged.

Cllr Khan added: “The option and choice to stay after the three hours remains completely a matter for parks visitors who may choose to pay for any additional time spent at the venue.

“However, we believe that the vast majority of motorists will still continue to use the park for less than three hours and therefore their visit will be free.”

Charges after the free three-hour period are in line with charges already applied in both the City Centre long stay tariffs and those applied at Coombe Abbey Park e.g. £5 to park for the whole day.

Coombe Abbey Country Park visitors who arrive by car are asked to pay £1 for an hour and £3 for one to two hours parking, however, this is not being considered at the War Memorial Park.

Motorists will also be able to purchase a weekly ticket again in line with charges at other long-stay car parks.

In considering the rates for motorists who park at the War Memorial Park for more the three-hour free period and travel into the city centre or elsewhere by bus a discounted tariff charge of £1 is included. Users of this service will be required to request a discounted ticket on board. This recognises the fact that, even though the venue is not a dedicated park and ride site, there are in the region of 14,000 people per year who use the site for onward bus travel and are already charged on average £3.10 for a return bus ticket.

Work on the Pay-on-Foot barriered system at Kenilworth Road will take about four weeks to complete.

Pay and Display machines at the smaller car parks at Leamington Road and Coat of Arms Bridge Road will also be installed ready for the 5 July go-live date. Payment will also be cashless at these two car parks.   

In recent years visitor numbers to the park have grown, and in that time, new equipment and features such as the outdoor gym equipment, has added to the vibrancy and appeal of the park.

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