Following the sad death of Councillor John Mutton in May 2022, Coventry City Council has now received a request for a by-election to take place.

When a request is received the Returning Officer is bound by law to hold the election within 35 days of receiving a notice from two electors in accordance with the Local Government Act 1972.

The by-election for Binley and Willenhall Ward will be held on Thursday 14 July 2022. The Notice of Election will be published on Thursday 9 June when the nomination period will start. The last date for candidates to submit nomination is 4pm on Friday 17 June, after this date a list of candidates will be available on our website.

Electors who are currently registered will receive a poll card in the next week, and anyone who is not registered have until midnight on 28 June to register.  The deadline to apply for a postal vote if an elector does not already have one and would like one for 14 July as they are not able to attend the polling station they have until 5pm on 29 June to apply.

Published: Tuesday, 7th June 2022