Pay it forward

In response to COVID-19, The Pod Cafe team have developed a Socially Conscious Café model that celebrates the value of creating and investing in circular economies and is underpinned by our ethos to CULTIVATE new dialogue, radical ideas and mutual exchange, CONNECT activists, artists, mental health advocates and activists, survivors, entrepreneurs and the underheard and be a catalyst for positive and sustainable societal CHANGE.

Each week the café team will prepare wonderful 100% plant based meals and dozens of loaves of wholesome bread and bags of mixed salad leaves grown at our Food Union site. We will deliver them by bicycle and trailer to our partners at Foleshill Community Centre Social Supermarket which is part of Feeding Coventry and to the homes of associates of The Pod whose lives have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. We aim to distribute about 70 meals a week.

This initiative is as much about nourishing hearts, minds and souls and connecting with people as it is about putting food on the table. The meals are free as we don’t want to financially exclude or stigmatise anyone.

You can support this initiative by investing in our ‘pay forward’ scheme where you could buy 1 meal for £2 or 3 meals for £5 with the assurance that the meals will reach people connected to The Pod and all of its allied projects who will truly value the gesture. We love that some members of Time Union Coventry have also offered to take on the cycling.

People that receive a meal will be invited to take a photo and share with us, or let us know something about the eating experience, for example the music they were listening to. We hope to be able to include this in a COVID-19 Zine.

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