Electric Fleet First - Charging infrastructure support

As part of this trial, Coventry City Council strive to support all participants with information and guidance on electric vehicle (EV) charging. We’ve partnered with EO Charging, one of the UK’s leading EV charging providers, to offer reliable and premium charging solutions for Coventry’s residents and businesses. Charging infrastructure can be a concern for many when considering switching to electric - this trial is the perfect opportunity to not only get behind the wheel of an EV, but also explore the world of EV charging. EO Charging will be there to support you every step of the way and will conduct an onsite survey assessment to understand your business’ requirements and discuss your charging needs.

EO Charging will advise you and provide a charging package tailored to your site, enabling you to take your first steps towards an electric future. Installing a charging infrastructure can be expensive, but EO Charging are offering £50 off the first 100 charge points that are installed at Coventry’s forward-thinking businesses. To make this even more affordable, we’ll also provide a £100 grant for charging infrastructure for participants of this trial who purchase EO chargers.

Find out more about Plug In Coventry network and the range of charging options available to your business.