COVID-19 has shone a light on inequalities within our communities and has fundamentally altered our lives. There have been changes to what we value, our communities and how they function, our ways of working and to our economy. 

This year’s report focuses on the value of relationships and connecting with people and communities.  It will offer a reflection on the city’s approach to engagement and working with communities through the pandemic and how this has shaped our COVID-19 response, recovery and ongoing defence. This report brings together data that demonstrates the impact of COVID-19 on the City and provides an overview of the Council's strategy on communications and engagement.  It demonstrates how our services and response was guided by community-led activity.

Our COVID-19 journey across the city has been a truly ‘One Coventry’ response. As Director of Public Health, I am immensely grateful for the collaboration, pragmatism and leadership shown by many of my council colleagues, partners and of course the communities of coventry.    

Particular thanks to the members of the public health, insight and engagement teams who have produced this year’s annual report whilst continuing their crucial work in our Covid-19 defence and recovery.           

The lessons learned over the last year are reflected in the report’s recommendations, setting the direction for future community engagement and ensuring that the strong link between the community and how services are delivered is maintained for years to come.  

Liz Gaulton
Director of Public Health and Wellbeing