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To access the Highfield e-learning packages, you must work in health and/or social care in Coventry.

Please complete a booking form: link here


Highfield E-Learning packages are free for CCC employee's and £25 for external individuals or organisations.

Courses available:

Food Safety Level 2

Health & Safety Level 2 


Scils (Adults) and Eils (Children)

We would like to make you aware that from the 21st April 2017 our subscription with the SCILS resource portal came to an end. Please be aware this provision will not be accessible. 

You will be able to subscribe in your own right if you would like to continue with access. Email Stephen on [email protected] or phone 0115 923 0200 if you would like to find out more information.



These linked sites provide a wide range of e-learning programmes relevant to both adults' and children's social care. It is a subscription site and access requires registration. However, Coventry City Council (CCC) has taken out a subscription that covers people working in social care and health in Coventry in both statutory services and the private, independent and voluntary sector. As a registered member of the SCLF you may use CCC's registration number to access the site.

To register with the site contact us for the registration number then go to:, click on Register and then use the registration number to create a username and password.


To find where you can access more free online learning and development resources, click here.