Hear from our colleagues

Chantelle – Senior Practitioner (Area Teams)

Chantelle – Senior Practitioner (Area Teams)

“I am enjoying my time in Coventry and have continued to build on my experiences as a member of the Help and Protection Team. I have also been able to develop professionally and progress with my own career aspirations.

Coventry has the benefit of approachable management and senior leadership team. Professionals know and understand the organisational structure and senior leaders are present and visible within the organisation which gives professionals a sense of working together for the children and families of Coventry.”

Joshua – Social Worker (Horizon)

Joshua – Social Worker (Horizon)

“I started in Coventry Children’s Services as a newly qualified social worker 2 years ago and have progressed and developed into an experienced social worker. There is so much support and in-depth training opportunities here, which continue to give me more tools and skills I can use in my practice.

No day is the same, the children and families in which we work with are unique, it can often be challenging but is always rewarding when we work in collaboration with young people and families to set goals to achieve change and create an everlasting footprint on their lives.”

Maisie – Social Worker (Through Care)

Maisie – Social Worker (Through Care)

“Through Care are an especially supportive team, where everyone has been friendly and welcoming. Through care are great at coming up with activities that are great for young people as well as the staff!! This was true even through the height of lockdown where everyone came together to support the most vulnerable young people through initiatives like ‘Meals on Wheels’.

No day is the same and I am never bored, there are challenges but with the right team and support around you, which luckily I have, I can manage these and hopefully do my job well.”

Matt – Strategic Lead (Looked After Children, Practice)

Matt Clayton

“Coventry is an amazing place to work and an innovative authority which is prepared to take risks if these will benefit children. I had privilege to lead on the BAFTA nominated documentary Superkids which empowered young people to tell their experiences of being in care through spoken word. To me this project summed up what it is like to work in Coventry looking at creative ways to put the voices of our children and young people at the centre of everything we do. I am proud to work for Coventry and be a part of a learning organisation. we have some amazing partnerships and continually strive to improve the services we offer which makes it a very exciting place to practice social work.”

Danielle – Senior Practitioner (Area Teams)

Danielle – Senior Practitioner (Area Teams)

“I started my career with Coventry City Council as a newly qualified social worker 6 years ago! I have been able to grow and develop my skills as a social worker and now I am a Senior Practitioner. This has been made possible through the support of learning from my colleagues and always having supportive and encouraging managers. It has been evidenced throughout my career with Coventry that everyone within the role strives to work in the best interest of children, young people and their families to ensure they receive the best outcomes and are the centre of decision making. Through times of difficulty everyone works as a team and I am proud to work for Coventry City Council.”

Jo – Social Worker (Early Help)

Jo – Social Worker (Area Teams)

“I started at Coventry as a student and have had the opportunity to work in a variety of teams across the service. I feel very proud to have been part of the Social Work Academy supporting newly qualified social workers as they start their social work career in a supportive and nurturing environment. Here in Coventry we use Signs of Safety something which I feel very passionate about and Coventry gave me the privilege to be an accredited trainer for this, this is something that Coventry does well, the training and development of staff.  I feel what makes Coventry so special is the people. Where-ever you work or whatever you need they’ll always be someone with a smile to help you. Now I am lucky enough to work in the family hubs as an Early Help social worker supporting colleagues and families in the delivery of “Right Help Right Time” helping families right from the front door of children’s services.”

Priscilla Gono – Team Manager (Looked After Children and Permanency)

Priscilla Gono - Team Manager (Looked After Children and Permanency)

“From the day that I walked through the doors of Coventry as a student I have never looked back and have gone from strength to strength. Coventry has allowed me to develop as a practitioner and grow in confidence. The culture in Coventry is such that, from the onset managers support and nurture you to allow for continuous progression. In all the teams that I have been in, my managers and peers are always supportive, and this has made my job enjoyable despite some of the challenges. Senior management take an interest in the wellbeing of their staff and continue to place an emphasis in developing/ addressing inequalities between the genders and ethnicities within the organisation. The current pandemic has not been without its challenges and has seen a new way of working for us all. However, senior management have allowed for a flexible way of working which has helped strike a balance between, the safety of the children we work with and for, staff safety and our mental wellbeing.”

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