COVID-19 (Coronavirus) update for parents of pupils eligible for dedicated home to school travel assistance - August 2020

During these unprecedented times it continues to be safer for parents/carers to take their child/young person to school as this alleviates the need to travel in close proximity with other children and adults. If you would prefer this option, we can offer you a Personal Transport Budget (PTB). You would receive a budget which would pay £0.45 per mile if your child attends a Coventry school or £0.25 per mile if they attend a school which is outside of Coventry. You would receive funding equivalent to two return journeys per day of school attendance. If you accept this but change your mind at a later date, we can still arrange a different mode of transport with some notice. Please contact us on 024 7683 1614 or email to let us know if you prefer this option.

The Council is following the most recent Government guidance to keep your child safe. In order to do so we kindly ask all parent/carers, children and young people work with us to support the safety of everyone accessing this service.

Dedicated Home to School Transport safety control measures

The Government guidance says that each bus can be its ‘own’ bubble or group and that social distancing on dedicated home to school transport need not apply as the overall risk from COVID-19 to children and young people is very low.

We can’t emphasise strongly enough how important it is that you support these measures to ensure the safety of all travelling on our dedicated transport:

  • Parents should escort the student to the bus in the morning, and collect them from the bus at the end of the day to enable any necessary communication between the driver/escort and the parent
  • Where possible those furthest from the educational setting will sit at the back of the bus with those nearest sitting on the seats towards the front. This will apply on the way home too
  • Where possible children/young people will be allocated the same seat on both journeys and on each day of the week
  • Children/young people will need to wash their hands before joining and after leaving school transport
  • There will be access to hand sanitiser on the transport to be used on boarding the vehicle
  • For children aged over 11 parents are asked to provide children with a face covering to be worn during the journey. There are some exemptions to this rule. See the Government guidance.
  • Educational settings will have a safe procedure for removal and storage of face coverings once children/young people arrive at their setting
  • Vehicles will be ventilated, and additional daily cleaning will be undertaken
  • Any behaviours which put other children/young people and staff at risk on dedicated transport may result in withdrawal of the offer of dedicated home to school transport. If this happens we will work with you to identify other means of travel to school
  • Children/young people must bring their own tissues on the journey and bin them once used in the bins provided or in bins when they arrive at their setting.

If your child or a member of your household is unwell

Children and young people must not board home to school transport if they or a member of their household has symptoms of COVID-19.  If a child/young person develops symptoms whilst at their educational setting they will be sent home. They must not travel in dedicated school transport. The educational setting will contact the parent so you can arrange for the child/young person’s journey home.

The Government has a test and trace system in place for those suspected of having COVID-19 symptoms. These measures will be kept under review as and when further guidance is issued.