Submitting a petition is an important way to highlight an issue which you want the Council to act on. The Council recognises that it has a duty to listen to the concerns of residents and others who have a stake in the City. The Council has approved a Petitions Scheme, which sets out in detail how members of the public and Councillors can submit petitions.

The Council receives many petitions each year on issues such as traffic calming, road maintenance and anti-social behaviour. Petitions can be about any local problem ranging from something that affects a few houses to a City-wide issue.

For a petition to be valid, our Petitions Scheme requires that more than 5 people who live, work or study in Coventry must had signed it.

Residents can submit petitions to the Council in two ways - either by the traditional route, of collecting signatures by hand and sending it to the Council (a paper petition) or using the Council's online petitions service (an ePetition).

Decisions relating to Petitions the Council receives are published online.

The current petitions register contains the latest information regarding petitions that the Council has received.  It is updated on a weekly basis.

You can also view our Petition Privacy Statement.


An e-petition is a form of petition posted on a website. Individuals or groups can create a petition on the site and visitors can add their details to the petition to "sign" it. The format makes it easy to collect signatures, and it also makes it easier to respond directly via e-mail too.

How to submit an E-petition

To submit an e-petitions please complete the e-petition form.

Paper petitions

To submit a paper petition, the easiest way is to summarise your concerns into a short paragraph which you think people will agree with. Leave space for people to put their name, address and signature. Distribute copies among friends, family or leave copies in shops and community spaces for people to sign.

The Council has produced a standard template which you can download, print off and use to write your petition - you just need to fill in the gaps.

Once you have your signatures, make sure you put all of your own contact details on there, and post it to Governance Services.


Governance Services

Room 60, Council House, Earl Street, Coventry, CV1 5RR


Tel: 024 7683 3049