Field studies courses

Field Studies 2

Field Studies Courses

Curriculum-based courses are carefully designed to cover all essential content from required specifications and to raise attainment through experimental and authentic learning experiences. We learn best when we experience the theory we are taught – when we can apply it.

Fieldwork courses in Biology and Geography for KS3, GCSE and A levels are all delivered by immersing learners in the local environment including, coastal, woodland, mountain, river and urban studies.

Each course ensures maximum time outdoors, allowing students to take advantage of all benefits resulting from outdoor learning. Classroom space can be made available for evening follow up sessions, and it is also possible to incorporate adventure sessions into these courses if required. Each course can be tailored to suit your curriculum needs:

  • A-Level Fieldwork KS5: Geography
  • A-Level Fieldwork KS5: Biology 
  • Year 7-11 Fieldwork: Geography 
  • Year  7-11 Fieldwork: Biology 

We can tailor a range of bespoke courses designed with you to complement the school curriculum and meet your particular requirements in other key subjects such as:

  • Maths
  • English
  • History
  • Photography
  • STEM

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