Wilderness therapeutic approaches and interventions


Wilderness Therapeutic Approaches & Interventions

Wilderness therapeutic approaches and interventions is an accredited qualification exclusively for schools. The therapeutic programmes are structured and progressive, using recognised and established therapeutic approaches.

Challenging, diverse activities and structured projects uniquely integrating elements from:

  • Wilderness therapy management
  • Other established therapeutic approaches
  • Rites of passage
  • Backwoods Survival and Hunter Gatherer living skills
  • Environment Mastery Problem Solving
  • Change and Transition
  • Self Mastery
  • Advanced Bushcraft
  • Long-term wilderness
  • Creativity and Strategy

Character Education:

  • Perseverance, resilience, tolerance and respect for others
  • Bullying response and behaviour
  • Confidence and 'Can Do' attitude
  • Self motivation, self regulation, self awareness
  • Empathy, Social Skills and respect for our community and world
  • Integrity, trust, openness, true self esteem and dignity
  • A desire to explore and to learn
  • Tenacity - Don't give up, concentration, team skills and practical skills

Wild Things (Key Stage 1)

Wild Things is a capacity building early intervention programme aimed at Key Stage 1 and can be used for children who may be struggling socially and emotionally or as a fun and developmental booster for all. This is a FUN programme, it uses Wilderness Therapy, Developmental and Creative Approaches whilst exploring specific key developmental Behaviour Schemas.

  • Participants experience safety, containment and belonging
  • They will learn to connect positively with others, and will develop a sense of appropriate boundaries.
  • They will experience freedom to explore their environment, their peers, and themselves, and have their senses awakened
  • Physical and specific mental developmental processes will be exercised

Wild Tribe (Key Stage 2)

Wild Tribe is an outdoor, capacity building, therapeutic and developmental intervention programme for children in Years 3 and 4 who may be currently struggling socially and emotionally; or for those who may be presenting specific identified issues - typically SEBD, ADHD, Autism, or other special needs and issues.

“Who am I..? How do I relate to others..?” Wild Tribe consciously and directly explores and transfers social skills and responsibilities into all areas of children's lives.

Wild Tribe examines self, intrapersonal issues, responsibilities to others – Interpersonal issues like respect for self, for others, and for the world beyond our own skin.

It is about where we are now, developing acute self-knowledge, so changes and firm intentions can be made, to transfer experiences and learning in the wild back into everyday parts of children's lives – behaviours at home, and at school.


Wild Crew (9 - 24 years old)

Wild Crew is implemented in consultation with you to explore specific issues, needs and objectives for identified individuals and small groups – e.g. social/emotional issues, SEBD/SEMH, ADHD, Autism/ASD, and other special needs.

Wild Crew exploits a range of recognised and established therapeutic approaches, alongside Wilderness Therapy / Rites of Passage techniques and Mentoring. These are uniquely integrated, using eQe’s long professional expertise in therapy and therapeutic approaches with children and young people.

Using specific activities, expertly designed to run alongside professionally structured and guided discussion and reflection activities, with low-level therapeutic approaches, it enables the group members to be:

  • Self Aware
  • Emotionally Intelligent and therefore more aligned in their behaviour
  • Able to develop in the Six Pillars of True Self-Esteem
  • Improve their lives now and their expectation as they progress to become adults

For more information e-mail outdooreducation@coventry.gov.uk