Team building days

Team Building

Staff team building days

If you are looking for a professional, developmental and fully customisable option for your team, then Coventry Outdoors is the place for you. We offer team building as a full day or half day programme that can provide your team with a whole range of developmental and soft skills activities that will suit any requirements you may have.

From working on team cohesion, and communication and creating common goals, Coventry Outdoors offer a vast range of activities or scenarios which can be great for encouraging bonding, creative thinking, problem-solving, well-being and confidence-boosting whilst having fun in a beautiful outdoor setting.

 You'll learn - and experience: 

  • Foraging
  • Survival skills
  • Campfires
  • Woodland crafts

Survival, bushcraft and wilderness day

Our survival, bushcraft and wilderness day has action-packed activities that will leave you feeling more confident in your future outdoor adventures. This day is tailored for all abilities and experiences. We have planned the day so you get the most out of your experience with us, learn some essential skills and have some fun.

Here is what you will get up to: 

  • Knife safety and cutting techniques 
  • How to use a tarp 
  • Game preparation - bird and mammal 
  • Making damper bread 
  • Shelter building 
  • Traps, snares and the legal aspects 
  • Cordage and knots 
  • Foraging - an insight into edible, medicinal and poisonous flora 
  • Signalling and rescue 
  • Knife law and maintenance 
  • Natural navigation and moving on 
  • Finding and making safe water 
  • Fire lighting

All of the activities that we teach over the duration of the day will be delivered by an experienced member of our team. The sessions will be both informative and hands-on.

Woodland craft day

The woodland craft day is all about helping your team to learn and communicate by using a natural environment and some simple skills.

Your team will do simple activities such as making wooden eating utensils or creating your own mallet. During the day, you will be learning different ways to give and receive instructions -  when to be direct, when to be supportive and when to delegate the job entirely.

The experience is fun and enjoyable, with some hefty benefits back in the workplace.

During a typical day, you’ll get to:

  • Work together to build your own weatherproof shelter from woodland materials you gather
  • Learn fire lighting techniques and try your hand at lighting your own fire – teamwork is essential for this!
  • Create ingenious campfire gadgets
  • Select, prepare and craft your very own piece of work to take away with you

Survival weekend

Coventry Outdoors' survival weekend is a completely unique one day, one night team-building event which will stretch your workforce's horizons to levels no other corporate away day will do. 

Either working as one large group, or split into competitive teams, your employees are given a number of challenges based around the four principles of survival - fire, food, shelter and water.

Upon arrival at base camp, and following a safety briefing, the teams are provided with the materials to construct a waterproof woodland shelter. Our instructors are on hand at all times to provide advice and assistance, but the emphasis here is on your employees working together to come up with solutions to problems.

Once the shelter is constructed other activities will include:

Fire Lighting: Beginning with modern fire lighting techniques the team will discover how to light a fire using sparks. Provided with all of the technical equipment and under the expert guidance of our instructors, your team will create fire from nothing.

Water: During this activity the team has to discover how to make contaminated water safe to drink. Using both modern and primitive techniques, the team will work together through the sourcing, collection, filtration and purification of water.

Navigation: Your team are given the coordinates of a team member in distress and utilising navigational and then search and rescue techniques the casualty has to be found.

Our instructors are experts at assessing groups' abilities, mentoring, coaching and leading and will ensure your teams will meet the organisation's goals:

  • Team work
  • Communication skills
  • Urgency
  • Leadership
  • Adaptability/change
We can work with you to provide a bespoke package that meets the needs of your organisation and staff. We can provide lunch at an additional charge and an education room available for corporate training.

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