Combat Archery experience

combat archery

Combat Archery experience

Located at Coombe Abbey Country Park Coventry Outdoors Combat Archery is an exhilarating non-contact experience, perfect for ages 8+. Using the most up-to-date combat archery equipment on the market you will get to battle head-to-head with your friends on our combat archery arena. You’re in for some serious fun as you play across a variety of games and thanks to the specially designed foam-tipped arrows there's no need to worry about mess or bruises.

With a selection of inflatable bunkers and barricades to take cover behind our combat archery arena is the perfect place to experience the rush of battling it out in the ultimate game of elimination! The Combat Archery experience combines elements of dodgeball and archery, where you’ll play in a variety of thrilling games such as ‘Capture the Flag’, ‘Bullseye’, 'Free for all' and ‘Team Death Match’. With top-of-the-range bows and specially designed foam-tipped arrows at your disposal it's no surprise that this “Hunger Games” inspired game of elimination is quickly becoming one of the UK's best-loved combat sports!

  • All games are team-based, non-contact and are guided by a qualified instructor 
  • 90 minutes of fun combat games
  • Sheltered area subject to availability for 30 minutes after your game

Book from as little as £30 per person!

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