Educational visits - guidance and advice service

Guidance and Advice

Educational Visits Service Support

Coventry Outdoors provides professional high quality advice, guidance and support for schools and establishments in managing educational visits and activities, to assist delivering outdoor education, learning and adventure.

We have a team of advisors who are members of the National Outdoor Education Advisors Panel (OEAP) who are highly experienced Outdoor Educators. The team can provide support and compulsory training to educational establishments, providing professional and practical advice with all aspects of managing educational visits, adventurous/hazardous activities and in developing curriculum-linked outdoor learning.

Our proven framework will ensure educational establishments in your Local Authority meet all statutory health & safety responsibilities whilst observing duty of care requirements.

The key to our service is that we ensure all off site visit approvals are fully quality assured and compliant, providing Headteachers, CEOs and School Leaders the reassurance they are often seeking.

We provide educational establishments with a platform to plan and deliver successful educational visits and off-site activities by ensuring they have access to nationally recognised OEAP training, advice and support and access to the current best practice.

Our service will provide each establishment access to:

  • Advice and Support - on all aspects of the educational visits process from a team of qualified Education Visits Advisors & Industry Professionals
  • Online Advice and Notification System - with approval for high risk educational visits, to check that arrangements reflect CCC guidance and current good practice
  • Access to EVOLVE -  through the Coventry City Council (CCC) EVOLVE website for educational visits
  • Inclusive Training – complimentary access to a range of flexible online training courses (saving cover costs and staff time) whilst being COVID secure:  
  • EVC Training
  • EVC Refresher Training
  • EVC EVOLVE training
  • Visit Leader Training
  • Administration & System Support – at hand advice and guidance on systems and procedures via telephone and email service
  • Termly Webinars – sharing national guidance and statutory requirement updates, advice and guidance on good practice & the EVOLVE system
  • Newsletter Updates – access to regular newsletter, guidance and statutory information
  • Policy Support - Educational Visits Policy and additional Policy Document support on request
  • Discounted CPD – Your Guidance and Advice SLA, gives you exclusive access to membership rates for all our Courses, Qualifications and CPD packages!!

Our experienced & qualified advisors will provide peace of mind for service users through:

  • assessing and validating paperwork, risk assessments and planning of educational visits/learning outside the classroom
  • providing approval for residential, adventurous and overseas visit/activities
  • supporting with activity provider checks

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