Coventry City Council complies with the Data Protection Act and the UK GDPR and is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) as a Data Controller. This Privacy Notice explains how personal information is going to be used what for, who it will be shared with and why. This Privacy Notice should be read in conjunction with the main Coventry City Council Privacy Notice.

Why we collect personal data about you

We collect and use personal information about you so that we can improve the welfare of Coventry residents and to be able to offer fair education provision to all, including fair access.
 This includes:

  • To provide accredited and non-accredited learning opportunities for adults aged 19+
  • To provide residential / outdoor learning opportunities
  • To provide crèche services for the children of Adult Education Learners.

What personal information do we collect?

  • Contact details
  • Gender
  • Your age
  • Family details
  • Name and contact details of person to be contacted in case of emergency
  • Personal Reference Numbers – e.g. Unique Learner Number / National Insurance / case management system references
  • Education details
  • Employment details
  • Financial details
  • Records of complaints
  • Safeguarding reports
  • Visual images, personal appearance and behaviour

Why do we collect and use personal information about you?

We collect and use your information, so we can provide the best service for our learners, and:

  • Have a contract with other organisations who give a service on our behalf
  • Do what the law says we have to
  • Carry out tasks in the public interest

For equal opportunities, health and safety, and course admission criteria, the services also process some sensitive (special category) information, which may include but is not limited to:

  • Physical or mental health details, including GP contact details for crèche users
  • Racial or ethnic origin

The legal reasons why we can use this sensitive (special category) data are:

  • Necessary for obligations under employment or social protection
  • Substantial public interest on basis of UK law
  • Substantial public interest for health

Who we share your personal information with

  • Other Council service areas
  • The Social Care Team - for safeguarding purposes
  • Department of Education (DfE), including LRS and the Education and Skills Funding Agency
  • Emergency services
  • Health and Social Services, e.g. NHS – incl. NHS Digital, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), Coventry & Warwick Partnership Trust
  • Ofsted
  • Police
  • Prospects – commissioned partner for the National Career Service

Information will only ever be shared when it is strictly necessary to help us provide services and you may have the right to refuse. We have data sharing agreements in place with local agencies and sometimes the law demands that we pass your details on to a third party, for example, to prevent crime. We will not pass your personal information onto any other parties outside of those agreements unless the law says we must.

We sometimes use third party organisations to provide some of our services. Examples include organisations who conduct surveys on the Service's behalf and e-learning platforms that provide learning and assessment opportunities. We remain the data controller for your data in these cases.

How long will we keep your information?

We will only keep your information for as long as we need to, so we can give you the service you need, unless we must keep it for legal reasons. The time can be different depending on the service you have asked for. For most courses (those that the ESFA uses match-funding against the European Social Fund), we keep data for three years after the European Commission has made its final payment.

  • For the 2014-20 ESF Programme this is expected to be until at least 31 December 2030.
  • For courses funded solely by the ESFA we keep data for 6 years after the academic year in which your enrolment occurs.
  • For children using our crèche service, we keep data for 2 years.

Your rights

You have the right to:

  1. Ask for all information about you that we hold
  2. Withdraw or change consent in some cases (see below)
  3. Ask us to change information we hold about you if it is wrong
  4. Ask us to limit the way we use your personal information
  5. Data portability (have your data transferred to another Authority)
  6. Question decisions made about you by a computer
  7. Complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office (information below)

To exercise any of these rights please contact the Management Information Services Team at 

Withdrawal of consent

You have the right to withdraw or change your consent to be contacted for research, surveys and marketing.

In some circumstances we have to contact you regardless of your consent.

  • We will contact you if we are unable to run a class you are enrolled on (e.g. due to tutor illness)
  • We will contact you if you fail to attend your class to establish whether you still require your place or to inform you that it has been withdrawn
  • Our contract for the supply of services with the ESFA requires us to contact you after you have completed your course to collect data about progression and destination (i.e. to discover whether completing your course has helped you achieve your goals).

The rest of the personal data processed by CCC Adult Education is necessary in order to comply with our legal obligations and to enable us to perform tasks carried out in the public interest. You cannot change or withdraw your consent in regard to this processing. 


You have the right to submit a complaint if you are unhappy with the way your request is handled or disagree with a decision made by the council regarding your data. In these circumstances you can contact the Data Protection Team (DPO) and request a review of the decision.

If you are not satisfied with any outcome from the DPO you may wish to apply to the Information Commissioner's Office at:

The Information Commissioner's Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane

Date of last review: May 2018