Speech, reading and translation support tools via ReachDeck

Whether you are using a Smartphone, Tablet, PC or Mac, ReachDeck will provide the speech, reading and translation support tools you require for free.

Reachdeck iconReachDeck is part of our website, so you do not need to install or buy any software to use it. It is available from the bottom right of each webpage via the ReachDeck icon.

ReachDeck adds speech, reading, and translation support tools to websites.  ReachDeck makes online content more accessible for people with Dyslexia, Low Literacy, English as a Second Language, and those with mild visual impairments.

Features include:

  • dual-colour highlighting
  • text magnification
  • translation
  • MP3 maker
  • screen masking
  • pronunciation modifier
  • secure site reading
  • PDF reading
  • international languages

The Toolbar

There are several icons on the toolbar. Each button performs a different function - you can hear text read aloud, translate it, convert to MP3 and add a screen mask.  You can magnify text, simplify web pages, and set your own personalised settings.

Browsealoud toolbar

Text to Speech

ReachDeck reads text on a webpage out loud. There are two options, Hover to Speak and Speak the Current Selection. Hover to Speak is turned on by default when the toolbar is launched.

Browsealoud text to speech


ReachDeck translates web pages into 99 languages and can speak aloud 40 of those, in a high quality, natural sounding native voice.

Browsealoud translation

MP3 Generation

ReachDeck converts any text that you select from a web page, into an audio file that you can then listen to at a later date at home, or on the move.

Browsealoud mp3

Screen Mask

This feature allows you to apply a colour filter to your screen.  A semi-opaque mask extends across the screen, leaving a letterbox reading window clear - the allows you to focus on a few lines at a time. 

Browsealoud screenmask

Text Magnification

With ReachDeck you have the option to magnify the text as it’s being read aloud.  You can personalise the font, size and colour to suit your needs in settings.

Browsealoud magnification


This feature removes the clutter and distractions, such as pictures and adverts, allowing you to focus on the text you want to read.

Browsealoud simplify


In the settings menu you can personalise the features to suit your own specific needs.  You can personalise the following:

  • Highlight colours for text to speech and text magnification
  • Set text magnifier on as default
  • Select the size of the magnified text
  • Switch hover to speak off
  • Select voice speed
  • Set the simplify feature on as default
  • Identify links on a webpage

Browsealoud settings

ReachDeck Feature Guide

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