Refunds will be considered in the following circumstances:

If a learner has paid for a course/programme but cannot begin it because:

  • they have commenced paid employment that clashes with the time of the course/programme
  • the learner has become sick and the period of sickness is expected to last for the majority of the course or programme
  • the learner has moved away from the area

If a learner has already started the course, refunds will normally be considered when the learner is less than halfway through a year long programme, and for the reasons mentioned above.  Pro rata refunds will be given to cover the remainder of the course.  Refunds for termly courses will only be given in exceptional circumstances and then in consultation with the Service Manager for the curriculum area concerned

If a learner requests a refund because the course does not meet their needs, refunds will only be considered if the pre-course/programme information was misleading or inaccurate in any way (in which case the Trades Description Act might apply).  It is very important, therefore, that care is taken with the wording on publicity and course detail forms.  With a learner in this category, the Adult Education programme manager will arrange a meeting to ensure that the learner's grievance is legitimate.  The explanation 'The course was not what I expected' is not enough.

For the above three circumstances, full refunds will be given on production of the receipt and proof of the above.  An Individual Refund form should be completed and sent to the Service Manager for the curriculum area for approval.

Cancellation by AES due to:

  1. Insufficient numbers of learners for a course to run
  2. Single class cancellation for adverse weather conditions
  3. Single class cancellation for tutor absence, where a substitute tutor cannot be found.

The Refund form should be completed and sent to the Senior admin team who will forward it to the Service Manager for approval.

When refunds are given, a note to this effect will be made in the register and on the office copy of the receipt.

All refunds will be processed and issued by the Senior Admin Team.

Please note: Learners who are on benefit and pay reduced fees for their course will only receive a refund if AES cancel the whole.