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Coventry Adult Education Service

We are an integral part of Coventry City Council, supporting the recruitment and training needs of local employers, enabling business to develop and thrive.

We work closely with companies to develop bespoke training that prepares potential employees for specific roles in their organisation.

We can help with recruitment for business expansion or support the development of current staff.

Are you struggling to find the right staff? Constantly advertising roles, with little or no success? Don't let your business suffer when we can help!

We will support your recruitment by working with you to design a tailored, sector specific Into Employment Programme (IEP).

Your Into Employment Programme can be from one week to six weeks in length, depending on the requirements of the role. All training costs are covered by the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA).

Our Into Employment Programmes are a proven way of developing potential employees to the standard you require. We ensure potential new employees have a greater awareness of both the sector and the roles that you are seeking to fill.

Employees recruited through our Into Employment Programmes are ready to work more effectively and more likely to enjoy their work.

This approach will have a huge impact on your staff retention rates, helping you to establish and maintain a successful team that is better informed and focused.

Collaborative marketing and recruitment

We work closely with the Job Centre (DWP) and Coventry City Council's Job Shop to promote Into Employment Programme opportunities and your vacancies,

We also use a variety of social media platforms to reach potential employees.

Awareness and screening

We host an awareness session to give a detailed overview of the Into Employment Programme course and the job roles to the interested individuals.

We encourage you (the employer) to attend this session, to talk about the benefits of working for the company and answer any questions the candidates may have.

Should a specific level of English, maths or ICT be required, initial assessments are carried out.

Bespoke training with work experience

We will work closely with you (the employer) to tailor the training. Accredited qualifications can be embedded in the Into Employment Programme course.

Work experience, or a visit to the premises is encouraged, giving the individuals 'hands on' exposure to the environment and role. This allows you the opportunity to see the individual at work.

If this is not an option, due to the nature of the role, alternative methods can be explored.

Job interview

For Into Employment Programme participants, the incentive of a job interview is a key motivator.

As the employer we ask that you interview all candidates at the end of the training, enabling the recruitment process to begin for successful applicants.

We fully appreciate that not everyone will be successful, however we ask that you do give us some feedback so that we are able to fully support the individual with their next step and continue to work with them on any areas that they need to refine.

Next steps?

Contact us on 07790 987739 or email aesworkbasedlearning@coventry.gov.uk and a member of our team will be happy to support you.

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