NHS Continuing Health Care programme

The training tool is designed to enhance and develop the knowledge and application of NHS Continuing Healthcare to all practitioners involved in the breadth of the process and to provide a uniform approach to a national standard.

The topics covered include the legal background to NHSContinuing Healthcare policy, high-quality assessment and decision-making, dealing with disputes, and skills training for staff involved in NHS Continuing Healthcare.

Since the introduction of the National Framework for NHS continuing Healthcare in 2007 and its subsequent revisions in2009 and 2012, the variation in the numbers of people receiving NHS Continuing Healthcare funding has reduced. As part
of the transition to the health system architecture of ClinicalCommissioning Groups and the NHS England, the requirement for a national online training tool was identified. It is important that the progress made since the introduction of the Framework is consolidated and sustained.

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For local processes 2 hour ‘New Starter’ sessions please contact gillian.darby@coventry.gov.uk