Drinking alcohol is a pleasant social activity for many people. However, the more you drink and the more regularly you drink increases the risk to your health.

Some of the risks associated with excessive alcohol drinking are well known. Drinking above recommended levels can lead to high blood pressure, stomach disorders, depression and emotional disorders, malnutrition and liver disorders. Regularly drinking too much also makes it much more likely to suffer accidents and put on weight. Excessive drinking can also put enormous strain on relationships between family members.

Advice on sensible drinking can be found on the Healthy Lifestyle Service website.

If you or someone you know is affected by drug or alcohol use

There are a range of services available in Coventry for drug and alcohol users, their families and friends.

Also, the Coventry Recovery Community can offer support and mutual aid to those in recovery. Please visit them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/coventryrecoverycommunity for more details.

All services are free and confidential. Confidentiality is explained to all clients when they get in touch.

More information and advice around drug or alcohol misuse is available from: