In the UK anyone can change their name if they want to. However, if you would like the new name to be recognised officially, you must register the change.

There are some restrictions about what you can change your name to and why

You may not change your name:

  • In order to commit an illegal act such as fraud
  • To something that is vulgar, offensive, blasphemous or unsuitable
  • To imply or include a title such as Sir, Lord, Lady, Duke or Duchess
  • To something that includes symbols or numbers

Before you change your name you should check that your name change will be accepted by the following people:

  • Your employer
  • Any institute or professional body of which you are a member
  • Your country of origin, if you are a foreign national living in the UK
  • The relevant authorities of the country in which you are living, if you are a UK national living overseas

If you change your name, many official bodies (such as banks and building societies) will require an official 'Change of Name Deed' to accept it. This document can be obtained from Coventry Registration Services.

Please read the following information carefully

Important: A Deed Poll cannot be used to change your birth certificate, marriage certificate or decree absolute. It is also not possible to get permanent records such as past educational certificates changed because these are a "matter of fact" in that they were in the correct name when issued.

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