About building regulations approval

The owner of the property or, if not the same person, the person carrying out the work is always responsible for any works taking place. Whether it’s an extension, a loft conversion or a new development, Building Regulations will need to be met.

It is important to understand your Building Regulation responsibilities. Read further information about extending your home, or contact us with any questions you may have.

Building Regulations

Building Regulations set the standards for design and construction and apply in England and Wales. They ensure the health and safety of everyone using the buildings. The regulations also certify effective fuel and power conservation.

They also establish that adequate facilities and access points are in place for everyone in and around the buildings, including those with disabilities.

Building Regulations approval is separate from Planning Permission, and receiving one is not the same as complying with the other.

Building Regulations approval process

An often complex process, our Building Control team aims to make it as smooth as possible. Obtaining approval requires that:

  • the relevant application form is submitted
  • the receipt of the application form is acknowledged
  • approval of Full Plans is received
  • a Building Control surveyor visits the site throughout the build and upon completion
  • a completion certificate is issued

Full Plans and Building Notices

For most home improvements a Building Notice will suffice. However, a Full Plans application is better and a necessity for work to non-domestic properties.

Full Plans

Full Plans offer greater protection to the building owner and require:

  • 2 copies of the application form
  • detailed plans
  • specification of works, materials used and all calculations
  • 2 copies of all drawings

Building Notices

Building Notices put the responsibility for compliance on the building owner and the construction company.

Requiring just one copy of the application form, a Building Notice:

  • does not require detailed plans at the time the notice is deposited
  • needs only a scaled site location for extensions or new buildings

It is important to note however that drawings, specifications and calculations can be requested at a later time to ensure compliance.

Building control

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