Building over sewers

Getting permission to build over a public sewer

Severn Trent Water say that anyone wanting to build over or within three metres of a public sewer must have their written permission before works begin.

To get permission, you will have to carry out a CCTV survey of the sewer (this must be paid for by the applicant and carried out by a company nominated by Severn Trent Water). Once the CCTV survey has been carried out it must be sent to Severn Trent Water along with the correct payment and a completed application form. A decision will then be given on your application within 14 days.

Note: In cases of added complexity:

  • The sewer has a formal easement preventing over building - this is shown in the deeds of a modern property
  • The sewer depth is greater than 3 metres
  • The sewer is a pressurised pumping main
  • Strategic sewers, or those which require future upgrading, are affected
  • Piling or ground stabilisation works are required

These sites will also be deemed as Class 3 applications. You must contact Severn Trent Water for technical advice before submitting Class 3 applications.

The above changes mean that Severn Trent Water Ltd will not permit the submission of a Building Notice and a Full Plans application will be needed for the work.

It also means that no completion certificate can be issued until the Severn Trent Water Authority agreement has been given.

This is a policy of Severn Trent Water and any questions should be referred to them.

See more on the Severn Trent Water website.

If you are unsure of the proximity or presence of a public sewer in relation to your property/project please contact Seven Trent Water Ltd direct on 0845 034 0864 or alternatively make an appointment with our Building Control Team to view the public access version of STW Ltd’s maps. Please note that 24 hours' notice is required if you wish to view records at The Council’s office rather than STW Ltd’s.

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