New street names and numbers

Street name guidance

Please refer to Coventry City Council's Street Naming and Numbering Policy

We will consider developers' suggested road names or if they have none, suggest some for them.

The following guides apply:

  1. New street names should avoid repeating any similar street name already in use in the city. A difference in the final word (Street, Road or Avenue) will not be enough to allow the name to be repeated. If names are repeated it can cause problems for emergency services and utility and delivery companies.
  2. Suggested names need to be different enough to avoid confusion or misunderstanding.
  3. Names of living people are not normally allowed.
  4. Where possible names should reflect the history of the site or geography of the area.
  5. Names that could be seen as advertising are not acceptable.
  6. Names that could be considered offensive will not be accepted.

Street naming process

Once the names have been agreed, we will contact Royal Mail and the West Midlands Fire Service for their agreement.
When they have agreed these names, we will consult with ward councillors for the area.
Following agreement of the road names the development will be numbered and the Royal Mail contacted to provide postcodes.
We will then issue the addresses to the developer and to all the other relevant bodies that need to know.

Street numbering

For all new development sites and for infill plots in numbered roads, the Local Authority will apply the numbering process to all new properties. Properties will be numbered and addressed from the street where they have the main access.

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