ISO 14001 implementation and maintenance

Many companies are recognising that an environmental management system (EMS) is an essential business tool to reduce costs and demonstrate sound environmental performance to customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. An EMS accredited to the internationally recognised ISO14001 standard demonstrates clearly that the system is robust and of a high standard, confirmed by regular surveillance by external assessors.

Business Sustain is here to help you implement an environmental management system (EMS) using our tried and tested ten-step approach, or if you need assistance in maintaining an existing system we can provide bespoke consultancy.

We can:

  • Carry out an initial environmental review to assess your readiness for an EMS
  • Draft required EMS documentation such as procedures / work instructions
  • Train your employees in environmental awareness and internal auditing
  • Guide you through the assessment process to help you to achieve the standard first time

Once you have achieved your ISO14001 standard, we can provide consultancy support to ensure that your EMS runs effectively. Whether you require guidance to rectify issues that your external assessor has identified, or whether you are a Quality / Health & Safety Manager that has taken over an existing EMS, we can help upskill and guide you to run your EMS effectively.

Registers of Environmental and Health and Safety legislation

Both environmental and health and safety legislation are fast-changing and interpreting them can be time-consuming and difficult. The cost of getting it wrong can be high, both financially and for your organisation's reputation. We are here to make it easier for you.

Register of Environmental legislation

Our Register of Environmental Legislation and update service ensures that your organisation satisfies the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard for environmental management systems.

We identify all environmental legislation relevant to your organisation via online meeting or site visit, and compile a comprehensive legislation register specific to your activities, including details of how each piece of legislation is relevant. Your register will be available on the Business Sustain secure online portal.

The service includes live updates to your register via the Business Sustain portal, highlighting new and future legislation, changes to existing legislation and implementation dates for legislation and regulations that will or may have an impact on your organisation.

Register of Health and Safety legislation

Our Register of Health and Safety Legislation and update service ensures that your organisation satisfies the requirements of the ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety standard.

In the same style as the Register of Environmental Legislation, your register will contain only the legislation applicable to your company, with the relevance clearly specified, and be updated by the Business Sustain team.

All this information will be available on the Business Sustain online portal.

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