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We are a group of experts who assist companies and organisations in meeting environmental standards. We are part of Coventry City Council and operate throughout the UK. Our team helps companies make sure they are following all the right laws and regulations related to the environment. 

We specialise in providing company or organisation specific registers of environmental legislation and environmental legal compliance audits along with additional services such as internal environmental auditing and relevant training in spill response, duty of care and environmental awareness.

To complement the registers of environmental legislation, we also provides company or organisation specific registers of health and safety legislation. Both are available online on our Business Sustain portal. We provide support both online and in-person.

Business Sustain was formed from Coventry City Council’s Environmental Advice section that was established in 1988 to work with local companies and the Greening Industry team that was based at Jaguar Land Rover from 2001 to 2008 helping JLR’s first tier suppliers attain ISO 14001 certification.

Today the Business Sustain team has rich experience with both private industry and the public sector.

Our team

Monika Snow 

Monika Snow

Following her MSc, Monika worked as sustainability specialist for one of the biggest international retailers. Being responsible for waste management and recycling, environmental awareness training and environmental legislation compliance, she gathered a great understanding of the environmental management in retail.

Having worked for the team for over 12 years, Monika specialises in the provision of environmental legal advice to organisations through compliance checks and registers of environmental legislation. She also helps them understand their obligations under health and safety law through the provision of registers of health and safety legislation.

Christine Dhammi 

Christine Dhammi

Christine has worked for the team for over 20 years, her previous enforcement role within the Council adding interesting insight whilst providing environmental advice to firms. Christine specialises in guiding firms to improve their environmental performance as well as adhering to the requirements of ISO 14001:2015. Christine regularly provides a range of mentoring for internal environmental auditors, general awareness training on environmental issues and legal training such as on the Duty of Care.

Brendan Noonan 

Brendan Noonan

Following his MSc, Brendan worked on environmental management system development within the ABB group before becoming part of the Business Sustain team tasked with implementing ISO 14001 across the Jaguar Land Rover first tier supply chain. As a team member for over 20 years, he has significant experience in developing and delivering training to management teams and employees, EMS auditing and providing specialist support on legal and technical issues relating to environmental management.


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