Do you look after someone you care about?

The lasting effects of the COVID pandemic have impacted us all and life may now look very different for people with caring responsibilities, especially those who are looking after someone that they care about for the first time.

Carers Trust Heart of England has a package of extra services, funded by Coventry City Council, which means that we can offer even more support to family carers in the city.

This support includes:

  • Carer Community Connection to support carers to connect to the community by accessing and developing activities. Supporting Carers to connect with other carers with similar interests and cultivating peer support and respite opportunities. Staff attend Hospital sites, GP Surgeries and Family hubs as well people’s homes.
  • Grief, loss and change support via a series of carer-focused workshops with guidance and tools on dealing with difficult emotions following an unwelcome change in your life or the person you care for. (such as bereavement of a loved one, loss of employment or change of relationship)
  • Supporting working carers by working with employers in Coventry that will look to empower carers to remain in the workforce. Carers' passports and information is shared.
  • Reducing carer hardship and poverty by providing Carers direct payments to carers. Sharing information and signposting to job coaches and financial advice, benefit advice and support on the cost of living.
  • Enhancing support for carers by ensuring all communities in Coventry are enabled to access carers' services and information.
  • Supporting Young Carers if additional support is required regarding their caring responsibilities. Offer Young Carers and Young Adult Carer assessments when appropriate.

For further information you can email [], call on 024 7663 2972 or look at the Carers Trust Heart of England website. []