Working carers

Carers in the workplace

It is thought that 5 million people are juggling working and caring in the UK, that's 1 in 7 in every workplace. We know in Coventry that the pandemic has significantly increased the number of people working alongside having caring responsibilities, we also know that for those already caring have seen their roles intensify over the last two years. Sadly we know that many carers reach a tipping point and sometimes find it difficult to balance caring and working, meaning that 1 in 6 people give up work or reduce hours so that they can care.

Your rights at work

Find out what support your employer offers family carers. See what company policies are in place and what support might be available to you in your place of work. Speak to your line manager or Human Resources department.

Locally the Carers Trust have produced Balancing Work and Care - A Guide for Working Carers which provides information on:

  • Rights at Work
  • Flexibility in the workplace
  • Carer Passports
  • Employment law support.

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