One of the aims of local schools is to serve its neighbourhood and develop links with the local community to strengthen the school and the community. The area served by a school is known as the catchment area.

What catchment area is my house in?

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If more than one school is listed for your street, please view each school's listings for specific house numbers or names. 

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Schools with catchment areas 

Schools without catchment areas

Some Voluntary Aided schools (e.g. faith schools, Academies and Free schools) do not use catchment areas in their admission rules, or they use catchments based on parishes. Please refer to the school’s admissions policy or contact the school directly to find out if your address lies within the parish they serve.

Your address

When making an application for a school in Coventry, you should use your current permanent address. A pupil's home address is considered to be a residential property that is the child's only or main residence.

At the time of places being allocated, proof of permanent residence at the property concerned may be required.