Alan Thompson, John Johnson and Raymond Powell - September winners

Whilst a delivery of cash was taking place at a post office, two masked men entered the premises and one of them threatened the security guard with a handgun. A member of staff activated the shop alarm and the owner and his brother chased one of the masked men from the premises.

Two men working in a nearby timber yard, Alan Thompson and John Johnson, heard the alarm. Both ran to the front of the post office and looked inside. On seeing the armed robbery in progress they ran back to the timber yard and raised the alarm. They then returned to the scene along with the manager of the yard, Raymond Powell.

Showing considerable bravery and courage the three entered the post office and tackled the man who held the gun, disarming him and restraining him on the ground until the arrival of the police. He was arrested and later pleaded guilty to attempted robbery, and was sentenced at the Crown Court. The other alleged offender is still at large.

The firearm, which was not an imitation, was later examined and found to be loaded- with the safety catch off. There were two bullets in the gun, one of which had jammed in the chamber. It is not known whether this had been the position when the gunmen entered the shop or whether an attempt to fire the weapon had been made.

These three men, acting as a team, are worthy recipients of this Award and the city of Coventry is proud of them.

Mrs Irene Cribdon - December

Mrs Irene Cribdon, who has just celebrated her 90th birthday, has served this city in the field of education in different ways for many years.

She has been a Local Education Authority governor for 40 years at the Blue Coat Church of England School and her particular involvement has been in the areas of curriculum and admissions policy.

She has shown an astonishing commitment to the school and a passionate concern for its ethos.

Her contribution to the life of the city does not end there. She has been a member of the Samaritans and has an ongoing involvement with a flourishing Tea Club where her interest is both immense and tireless.