Fiona & Neil Richardson - February

For over 10 years Neil and Fiona have worked tirelessly to raise funds for various charities such as Mercia MS Therapy Centre, Cancer Research, British Heart Foundation, Guide Dogs for the Blind and the Special Care Baby Unit. Over the years Fiona has grown her hair 3 times in order to donate it to make wigs for children with cancer, she also had her head shaved to raise further funds for Multiple Sclerosis which Fiona herself was diagnosed with over 10 years ago.

Both Neil and Fiona have worked very hard over the years organising charity events such as concerts headlining local bands and also getting friends and family with musical backgrounds involved. They have both volunteered many hours to ensure that the events run smoothly collecting raffle and auction prizes for the shows and also made DVD’s of the events to maximise the charitable contributions. Their main goal is to raise as much as they can and distribute it amongst different charities but they also love getting the community together and involved in the events to promote community cohesion.

Alongside the fundraising Fiona is also involved in helping individuals who suffer with mental illness, depression and bipolar, through the power of social media she is able to highlight these issues engaging with people who are suffering to make them aware they are not alone.

It is evident to see that both Neil and Fiona are loving and caring individuals willing to volunteer their time helping others however they can, their actions truly reflect their character and it is evident they are both worthy recipients of this Good Citizen Award.