Norman Hendry

Norman has been delivering advice services in Coventry since the mid-1990’s both in a paid capacity and then as a volunteer. Norman previously worked and volunteered for the Willenhall Advice Centre.  When this centre merged with Holbrook’s and Wood End Services it became known as Coventry Independent Advice Service, for which Norman also volunteered for. Norman has supported countless people across the city with welfare, benefit, and debt issues, increasing their access to disability benefits and helping them to manage their finances giving them much-needed security.

Norman has supported people in times of crisis when their situation is desperate, and they have had nowhere else to turn. Norman has methodically sorted out their problems, holding their hands and giving them hope which he has done on countless occasions over the last 30 years. Norman has helped people avoid losing their homes, becoming homeless and sorted out disability and benefit support for those with ill health. The relief people feel knowing that somebody like Norman is helping them manage their situation is immense, particularly for those with a disability or mental health problem. Having somebody there who listens, cares, and understands is priceless.

Norman has also mentored many other staff and volunteers across organisations on advice services. Norman was also an avid walking football player and ambassador of the sport. For these reasons, Norman is a very worthy recipient of the Coventry Good Citizen Award.