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When Carers enquire about Shared Lives we allocate a Shared Lives Officer who will work with the Carer throughout their journey. The Shared Lives Officer will share the Approval Process documents and identify a Personal Development Plan for all Carer’s training requirements.

Shared Lives offers “Skills for Care” training which will incorporate the Care Certificate; this training is offered to all Carers during the approval process. For Carers that have a background working in Social Care and have already acquired certificates for training relevant to the role, these certificates will be verified and considered during the assessment.

Training can be delivered via classroom-based Training and E-Learning, your Shared Lives Officer will support in arranging this.

Classroom-based training can be attended with other professionals who can share a wealth of knowledge and experience, this training can also include other Shared Lives Carers giving an opportunity to meet people who are already Shared Lives Carers. Carers often stay in touch and form support networks following these training sessions.

E-Learning is a flexible way to complete training in the comfort of your own home and at times to suit your lifestyle. Carers will require a laptop/computer and email address to complete E-Learning.

We encourage our carers to complete workbooks and create portfolios of their on-going learning with the scheme.

Bespoke training can be arranged for carers who may be supporting people with additional or complex needs, such as Epilepsy, Diabetes and Autism. If you need specific training for your role we will identify and source it for you.

Shared Lives Officers are always available to support with identifying training and supporting Carers to gain additional skills to meet the needs of the people they support.

Training needs can be addressed at monitoring visits or reviews, or Carers can just call us to discuss their training needs and make arrangements.

Shared Lives will continue to support and monitor Carers’ training requirements throughout their time as a Shared Lives Carer.

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