The Coventry Police and Crime Board brings together a range of agencies who work together to make Coventry a safer, more confident city.

Our work includes:

  • Prevention of offending.
  • Managing and changing the behaviour of offenders
  • Reducing crime, the fear of crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Reducing the harm of illegal drugs and alcohol and supporting safer socialising.
  • Minimising risk of harm to vulnerable people
  • Supporting victims
  • Protecting communities
  • Protecting locations from crime and making public spaces safe and secure
  • Supporting businesses

Community Safety Partnerships were created in 1998 in response to a requirement within the Crime & Disorder Act. A number of agencies were given “Responsible Authority” status that places a statutory duty on them to work together and do all they reasonably can to prevent, detect and reduce crime and nuisance and prevent re-offending. These agencies must work with local businesses and communities to improve the safety of the communities they live and work in.

In essence, this requirement was to aid the coordination of multiple resources, tools, legal powers and services of local agencies, businesses and residents with the ultimate aim of making Cities safer.

The work of Community Safety Partnerships is guided by an annual strategic assessment of threat and risk, which provides evidence with which to determine local need and priorities for agencies to plan actions to address those priorities and is split into two broad areas:

Operational co-ordination - achieved through:

  • A network of partnership meetings across Coventry where local officers working in communities share information about incidents of public place nuisance and plan action to address such. a monthly citywide partnership tasking and coordination meeting which enables all agencies to deploy staff and other resources into current crime or anti-social behaviour hotspots.

Strategic co-ordination - achieved through a network of regular meetings looking at:

  • managing offending behaviour including anti-social behaviour and providing interventions to address underlying causes to prevent further re-offending
  • managing high risk and prolific offenders, to minimise risk of harm
  • commissioning and overseeing drug and alcohol treatment services in the City
  • Commissioning and overseeing services to support victims and families affected by domestic violence and abuse - You can read our Domestic Abuse Strategy for 2018-2023.
  • Co-ordinating work to reduce crimes that have some of the biggest impact on certain locations which are disproportionately affected.

How we achieve this

The Board is assisted by a number of Sub-Groups who have responsible for specific areas and report back on a quarterly basis any issues or difficulties they have completing their work.

Harm, Abuse Reduction partnership (HARP)

Responsible for the overview of harm reduction and vulnerable victims. The effective case management of these individuals and their family, through a multi-agency response to vulnerable individuals.

City Prevent Board

It is responsible for ensuring partners provide an effective multi-agency approach to dealing with all forms of risk, threats and violence related to extremism.

Coventry Offender Management Group (COMG)

Responsible for overseeing the development and performance of the Integrated Offender Management approach and monitoring the delivery of all associated offender management programmes in Coventry.

City Tasking

The role of this group is to task and coordinate their operational resources to respond to locations experiencing a range of crimes and nuisance behaviours.