A hate crime is when someone commits a crime against you because of your disability, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, religion, or any other perceived difference. It doesn't always include physical violence.

These could be:

  • verbal abuse, harassment threats or intimidation
  • physical assault and violence, including sexual violence
  • property damage including graffiti
  • offensive mail including social media/email

Anyone can report a hate crime whether they are the victim, witness or a third party.

If a hate crime is taking place or in an emergency, call the police on 999.

If it’s not an emergency you can call local police on 101.

You can also:

If it is your child at school who is being harassed, listen to them and encourage them to tell a teacher immediately. You can approach the school for help and advice.

If it happens at work, tell your employer immediately, seek help from your trade union or tell the police.

Why should you report hate crime?

Reporting makes a difference – to you, your friends, and your community. By reporting hate crime when it happens, you can help stop it happening to someone else. You will also help us to better understand the level of hate crime in your local area, and improve the way it is responded to.

By reporting hate crime the details of the incident, with your permission, can be shared with local agencies like the council, social landlords and support groups.

This can help a range of actions to be implemented which may help identify and deal with person responsibly. These could include:

  • tenancy enforcement against people responsible for hate crime
  • police investigation to gather evidence
  • advice and information for victims
  • support for victims through any criminal prosecution
  • removal of offensive graffiti
  • gathering of photo evidence of hate crime

Further information

The True Vision website holds information on support agencies, help groups and other ways you can report or get help if you are affected by hate crime. It also has information, materials and downloads which you can use to raise awareness of how you and your local community can help.