The SEND Early Years Team recognises the diversity of children’s experiences and varying rates of progress, however there will be children whose rate of progress determines that early intervention is necessary to support their learning.

We are a team of specialist teachers, portage workers and support staff who provide support at home, in early years settings and school nurseries for young children who are experiencing difficulties with their development. We offer support, guidance and training to staff in Early Years settings.

We have knowledge and experience of:

  • factors that affect early learning, development and behaviour
  • the special support and intervention that will develop learning and improve behaviour
  • a wide range of SEND
  • early years policy and practice
  • SEND policy and practice

All members of the team have significant training, experience and skills in meeting the needs of young children with special educational needs and disabilities.

What do we do?

We work with parents/ carers and children, Early Years practitioners, teachers and other professionals to promote early learning and inclusion by:

  • assessment of learning and behaviour difficulties
  • provision of advice, guidance and support to parents/carers early years providers and teachers 
  • specialist teaching and learning support for individual children or groups of children at home and, in settings and schools  
  • provision of specialist play and learning resources
  • training for parents/carers, practitioners and schools                                                      
  • teaching in a specialist pre-school setting
  • monitoring children’s progress
  • inclusion support in Early Years Settings

The SEND Early Years team are committed to the principles of early identification and intervention for children with Special Educational Needs.

The SEND Early Years team aims to:

  • take a leading role in securing the educational entitlement of preschool children with individual or special educational needs/disabilities
  • work in partnership with parents/carers, professional and voluntary agencies to meet the needs of and improve outcomes for children from birth to four years with a range of  SEND and to support inclusion into mainstream Early Years provision.

The SEND Early Years team objectives are to improve outcomes by: 

  • working in partnership with parents/carers and professionals to promote access and inclusion for pre-school children with additional educational needs 
  • promoting, encouraging and supporting  the educational, personal, social and emotional development and achievements of pre-school children with additional educational needs
  • promoting and supporting the early identification and assessment  of pre-school children with additional educational needs
  • working with parents/carers and professionals to promote develop and support effective intervention strategies for pre-school children with additional educational needs
  • supporting Early Years practitioners Continued Professional Development through training and mentoring to meet the needs of children with SEND

The SEND Early Years team values are:

  • Commitment to maintaining consistently high  standards of quality and reliability
  • Commitment to effective and reliable service provision, sensitive to diversity, equality and individual needs
  • Commitment to Early Identification, intervention and assessment
  • Commitment to inclusion in Early Years  Education
  • Commitment to our own and others' professional and personal development
  • Commitment to fulfil all statutory obligations associated with our role
  • Commitment to practitioner, team, divisional and corporate success against a range of indicators

How do we do it?

When we become involved, our support usually includes:

  • talk with parents/carers
  • home-based teaching support for parents and children, e.g. Portage
  • modelling and coaching of strategies for all professionals in schools and settings
  • talk with other agencies who may be providing support to the child; e.g. speech and language therapy
  • talk with early years staff involved
  • talk with other people involved with your child; e.g. school nursery teacher

This will help enable us to work together with you and your child and other staff to improve your child's learning and behaviour.

Services we offer

  • Portage home visiting
  • Portage supervision and coordination in partnership with family hubs
  • support in all schools and settings within early years
  • advice to parents on the statutory assessment process
  • support and advice on the process of transition to maintained education provision
  • training

SEND Early Years Team

Address: PO Box 15
Council House

Telephone: 024 7678 8400 [tel:02476788400]

Resources for families

With the current situation regarding COV-ID 19, it has had a huge impact on the SEND Early Years team to carry out their normal activities with children. Therefore, we have tried to put together some resources to support children and their families at home.

Hungry Little Minds []

A website that features a range of activities for children aged 0-5, including videos and links for a range of different age groups.

Boogie Mites

Enjoy music sessions with your children to boost development and mood. Your children have regular Boogie Mites music sessions at nursery and they will love taking part with you at home. Boogie Mites are offering free live sessions for you to join at home over the coming months and access to the videos via Facebook groups and their Youtube channel []

If you follow Boogie Mites Head Office Facebook page [], you will get updates on all the sessions available. You can find lots more information about the benefits of music on their website and blog [].

You can also purchase digital products for home use via Boogie Mites website shop [] using our customer discount BMCUST20% code for parent products at the checkout.

SEND Inclusion Funding (SENIF)

SENIF funding is government funding to help providers deliver early intervention for children presenting with emerging or complex needs.

In Coventry, this fund is available for children aged 2-4 years who are accessing 15 hours or more of Early Education Entitlement Funding.

Access to funding is available to childminders, pre-schools, day nurseries, schools with a nursery class and independent schools who are registered to deliver Early Education Entitlement Funding.

SEND inclusion funding - New applications or continuations considered by panel, funding awarded will begin the following term.

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