The Sensory Team are specialist (hearing and vision) teachers and support staff providing highly specialist support for children with hearing or vision difficulties.

We provide a comprehensive programme of support to children with hearing and/or visual impairments and their schools, parents/carers and supporting professionals.

This includes:

  • hearing and vision assessments and advice on meeting children's need
  • pre-school support for children with sensory impairment, their parents/carers and professionals involved with the family
  • specialist teaching support and advice concerning children with hearing and/or visual impairment attending mainstream/special schools
  • teaching within special resource bases in mainstream schools for pupils with hearing impairment, who use sign language
  • resources and adaptations for children with severe vision impairments. This includes advice/training on the use of electronic aids and Braille
  • educational and mobility assessments
  • specialist ICT and Braille training/advice
  • monitoring children's progress and supporting specialist examination and assessment arrangements
  • equipment and technical repair service difficulties, their schools and families.

Sensory Team

Address: Cannon Park Annexe
Bransford Avenue

Telephone: 024 7678 6174