Wm cycles

Try a fun, healthy and greener way to travel with West Midlands Cycle Hire in Coventry.

West Midlands Cycle Hire offers more people the opportunity to enjoy cycling and provides a convenient and sustainable alternative to the car for shorter journeys.

Bikes are available to hire 24/7 from docking stations located in the city centre and surrounding areas, including Coventry railway and bus stations, Coventry University and University of Warwick. See the map of local docking stations 

How to hire a bike

Download the cycle hire app and register to get started.

To hire a bike you then just tap your smart phone on the bike or tap in the Bike ID to unlock and start your ride. View the how to hire a bike guide and prices.

West Midlands Cycle Hire bikes

The bikes are simple to use and perfect for enjoying an easy ride.

  1. Comfort first: our cushioned saddles are easy to adjust to your preferred height
  2. Pedal power: 3 gears to tackle any hill
  3. Keep it clean: mud and chain guards to protect your clothes
  4. Light the night: laser lights for your added safety
  5. Put it away: handy storage at the front for your essentials

Finding an eBike

eBikes can be found in docking stations alongside the pedal bikes. eBikes have purple stickers with a lighting bolt icon.

Check in cycle hire app for the lightning bolt icon showing that there are eBikes in a dock.

Click on the docking station icon to open a panel which shows how many eBikes are available and their range.

How to unlock an eBike

eBikes are unlocked using the cycle hire app in the same way as pedal bikes - either using the contactless function, or by tapping in the bike ID into the app.

Register for updates and special offers on the West Midlands Cycle Hire website.

How to contact West Midlands Cycle Hire

You can chat with the customer experience team online through the West Midlands Cycle Hire website or in the app. Alternatively call their contact centre on 0345 034 8616 (24 hours per day, seven days per week)