History of Canley Crematorium

The first discussions of the need for a crematorium to serve the fast growing City of Coventry were at a meeting held in 1934.

On 29 April 1938 the Ministry of Health approved the building of a crematorium and the establishment of a new cemetery at the same location. Work commenced on site in the late spring of 1939, but experienced delays almost immediately due to the onset of the 2nd World War, as there was a shortage of materials and skilled labour available. It was the air raids of 14 and 15 November 1940, which focused the attention on the need to complete the project.

On Tuesday 23 February 1943 Alderman Emily Smith, J.P. the Worshipful the Mayor of Coventry, formally opened Canley Garden Cemetery and Crematorium. The 1st cremation took place on 26 February 1943 some 3 days after the formal opening, and the 1st interment was carried out 27 March 1943.

As an ongoing effort to improve services delivered to the citizens of Coventry a project commenced on site to build an additional chapel on to the existing crematorium building. Work started to construct Cannon Hill Chapel 29 June 1992, and was completed on 12 May 1993. The completion of the project has seen the transformation of a pre-war designed building to one that is now able to meet the demands and expectations of the bereaved of today.