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Internet and digital technologies have transformed lives on a global scale and continue to do so at an ever-increasing pace.

The effect has been to revolutionise banking, shopping, health care and social interaction as well as the places where we live and work. Companies such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, Uber and Airbnb are all now household names and even though they are relatively new, they have developed fast.

Having access to high speed internet is now often described as the fourth utility – and is an important consideration for residents and businesses when considering living, working or investing in a city. We need to influence the access to high speed internet with service providers including how we can use funding streams available for businesses to make it easier to connect homes. Digital technologies are helping to plan better, more sustainable growth in cities worldwide: to make cities better connected, safer, greener and better places to live.

The pace of technology evolution is also changing what people want from the services that the public sector - including the Council - provides. People want transactional services and information to be available through their own device, any time, day or night - mirroring the experience they have with banking and retail. Even services that require some form of human interaction, including social care, can be enhanced by technology and can often help people to live independently for longer or for families to better support their loved ones.

For more information or for any queries regarding this strategy, please contact Paul Ward,  Head of ICT & Digital

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