How we will achieve our vision

  • Provision of high bandwidth, resilient and reliable internet connectivity across business and residential areas. This will include developing the Coventry Core further - our Gigabit City partnership with CityFibre.
  • Provision of high coverage, resilient and reliable mobile telecommunications across the city.
  • Traditional highways and building developments are designed with digital in mind.
  • Innovation opportunities are actively sought out to maximise the investment made in our digital infrastructure, e.g. developing our mesh network.
  • Innovate, taking advantage of the latest technologies available for economic growth, creating an environment that enables others to grow their business.
  • Implement digital technologies that are not only green and low carbon in themselves but also enable and support other green and low carbon initiatives, activities and working practices.
  • Create a leading digitally rich learning culture with support from the two universities, our many colleges, schools, academies, libraries and educational services.
  • Create an environment that attracts leading digital businesses to the city and supports the innovation of start-ups.
  • Positioning Coventry as a “living lab” encouraging new innovations and demonstrators.
  • Innovation and efficiency will be enabled through leading edge data visualisation and analytic tools.
  • Data will be shared between partner organisations where we are licensed to do so to increase process efficiency.
  • Where possible, practical and when we are allowed, our data is made open and published.
  • Data quality and integrity is built into all service design and working practices.
  • Align with existing or define new standards to include public data hubs, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Internet of Things strategy and devices, transport data (traffic flow, parking, public transport) air sensors etc. Learn from and align to Smart City frameworks
    and standards
  • Digital security is reviewed not only at the design stages of a new service but continually through the life cycle of the digital technology.
  • Digital security standards, practices and procedures are continually updated in line with industry trends in cyber resilience.