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 The Care Certificate is the start of the career journey for staff and an important element of the training and education that will make them ‘Ready to Practice’ in their workplace. 

This course is fully compliant with the Care Certificate standards written by Skills for Care and Skills for Health and applies across all health and social care. It equips learners with the fundamental skills needed to provide quality care and gives them a basis from which they can further develop their knowledge and skills as their career progresses.

Knowledge and learning gained can link to the Level 2 Diploma in care.

Wrapped up in one course instead of 15 and one portfolio instead of 15 individual workbooks, the Careskills Academy Care Certificate is written in a clear and simplistic way to get the best out of new recruits right from the beginning. 

The Care Certificate Standards:

  • Standard 1: Understand Your Role
  • Standard 2: Your Personal Development
  • Standard 3: Duty of Care
  • Standard 4: Equality and Diversity
  • Standard 5: Work in a Person-Centred Way
  • Standard 6: Communication
  • Standard 7: Privacy and Dignity
  • Standard 8: Fluids and Nutrition
  • Standard 9: Awareness of Mental Health, Dementia and Learning Disability
  • Standard 10: Safeguarding Adults
  • Standard 11: Safeguarding Children
  • Standard 12: Basic Life Support
  • Standard 13: Health and Safety
  • Standard 14: Handling Information
  • Standard 15: Infection Prevention and Control
Course length
1 year to complete the course with a mixture of online learning and observations.
Target group

This course is aimed at all new support staff. Line Managers to request places - email


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