Coventry City Council
Course details

The aim is for both the applicant and Coventry City Council to have the opportunity to ensure that they are ready and able to undertake the training required to become an AMHP and that the applicant fully understands the requirements and the expectations of both the course and the role itself.  It is a chance for exposure to aspects of the role,

Managers and applicants must confirm agreement to the following:

All applicants will be required to spend one day a month in a suitable Mental Health placement for a minimum of 10 months prior to the start of the Stage 1 course in order to gain experience and the required evidence to complete a limited portfolio.

Attendance at least four (4) formal Mental Health Act Assessment followed by 1:1 reflective discussion with the AMHP who led the assessment.

Monthly AMHP supervision with their allocated Practice Mentor or arranged by the AMHP lead from Mental Health Services

Release to attend monthly AMHP Forums

Demonstration that applicants are working at the level of responsibility and with the level of complexity that would be expected of someone who already holds the PQ Specialist Award in Mental Health Services

Release to attend AMHP Continuing Development Programme events including where appropriate attending the daily (virtual) AMHP Teams meetings.



Completion of contract and learning needs agreement

Completion of learning diary

Observation of Four 4 Mental Health Act assessments, one of which will form the basis of a Viva Voce assessment at the end of the Foundation programme

Record of supervision with Practice Mentor or arranged by the AMHP Lead

Update of their initial 2000-word Statement



Application will include the preparation of a 2000-word statement, a reference and agreement form from your manager, a round table interview.



The AMHP qualification course meets the criteria as set down by the Department of Health Statutory Instrument 1206 Schedule 2 to the Mental Health (AMH) (Approval) (England) Regulations 2008.



The College of Social Work undertook an exercise to map AMHP Competency to the PCF.



Course length
1 year
Target group

Social Workers currently working in Adult Social Care Mental Health Teams


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