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Course details

Course aim:

To help staff complete mental capacity assessments and best interest decisions confidently. Linking these with the culture and practice changes that are required to be embedded by the Making Safeguarding Personal policy which introduces person-centred, outcome-based practice.

There will be a workbook to review prior to the session.

Course outcomes:

  • Be able to outline the five key principles of MCA
  • Gain knowledge on the key concepts of capacity assessments and best interest decisions
  • Effectively apply the five key principles, capacity assessments and best interest decisions to case study material
  • Gain knowledge of Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards and explore the future development of Liberty Protection Safeguards
  • Explore evidence-based decision making especially in relation to the best interest decisions

Further information will be received when you have signed up for the course.

Course length
1 day classroom based
Knowledge and Skills Framework
Mental capacity (5) Effective Assessments and outcome-based support planning (6) Direct work with individuals and families (7)
Professional Capability Framework
Advance human rights, social justice and economic well-being (4) knowledge of social sciences, law and social work practice theory (5) Apply critical reflection and analysis for professional decision making (6) Use judgement to intervene with individuals, families and Communities to promote independence, provide support, prevent harm, neglect and abuse (7)
Target group

Social Care Professionals, Social Workers & OT’s




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