Lydia Guthrie, Change Point

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Course details

This course will offer:

  • an introduction to the principles and value base of Motivational Interviewing
  • an introduction to the Motivational Cycle of Change (Prochaska and DiClemente)
  • an overview of the evidence base for MI, and suggestions about when it might be useful
  • an introduction to the core skills of MI – Open ended questions, Affirmations, Reflections and Summaries
  • an introduction to Change Talk – how to elicit it, notice it, and build upon the person’s motivation to change
  • brief demonstrations of MI in practice
  • opportunities to reflect upon individual practice and to identify areas of skill and areas for development


Course length
2 day classroom based or 2 x 3hr sessions over 2 days online via MS Teams
Knowledge and Skills Framework
KSS 3 – Person – Centred Practice. KSS 6 –Effective assessments and outcome focused support planning. KSS 7 – Direct work with individuals and families. KSS 9 – Organisational Content. KSS 10 – Professional Leadership.
Professional Capability Framework
PCF – 1 – Professionalism. PCF – 5 – Knowledge. PCF 7 – Intervention & Skills. PCF 8 – Organisational Frameworks. PCF 9 – Professionalism.
Target group
Social Workers, Occupational Therapist and Social Care Practitioners.

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